Why an ACTAR Certified Expert is Critical to Your Investigation

When your car accident case needs scientific and expert answers to determine fault and liability, the trust you place in a crash reconstruction firm is paramount. An ACTAR (Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstructionist) certified specialist offers full confidence in their abilities to assist in your investigation. Recognized by the legal and scientific community, an accredited reconstructionist has met the only broad based, objective and meaningful standards available anywhere in the world.

ACTAR is an independent accrediting organization recognized in the United States and Canada. It offers an independent credentialing examination that objectively assesses a candidate’s comprehension and application of minimum training standards of a forensic specialist in the field of motor vehicle accident investigation and reconstruction.

Preston Forchion, Principal Reconstructionist at Comprehensive Accident Reconstruction Specialists, is a retired law enforcement officer and an ACTAR accredited expert. He said the accreditation process provided clarity of purpose and direction and has “availed an opportunity for me to help others in need as it relates to the field of crash reconstruction. It has allowed me to prepare, plan and pursue a definitive purpose in my life.”

When you need an ACTAR certified crash reconstructionist to lead an investigation, you are placing a significant amount of trust in their professionalism and qualifications. The accreditation provides reassurance that the expert reconstructionist is trained to develop demonstrative evidence for court testimony, can consult and testify regarding accident reconstruction, and exhibits integrity, consistency and professionalism.

Mr. Forchion’s combination of decades of experience in law enforcement gathering evidence, statements and analysis of scene data, and his expertise as an ACTAR accredited crash reconstructionist, will ensure you have the most accurate information to determine the cause and fault of the accident. In addition to the rigorous accreditation process, Mr. Forchion is also required to accrue 90 CEUs for each subsequent 5-year accreditation period to maintain status, ensuring he is abreast of new technology and research in the field.

“I have a high standard of excellence that I meet with each investigation,” said Forchion. “My experience in real-world, real-time investigations as a former law enforcement officer has instilled in me a sense of unparalleled integrity to determine the accuracy of each crash I investigate.”

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Source: actar.org

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